William's Wood.

Covid-19 update.

*** Following the PM address we have found ourselves squarely in the Non-Essential bracket. There is a loophole but it'd be inappropriate to try and exploit it. William's Wood is now closed until further notice to anyone who doesn't have a key. ***

Please remember we are protecting our owner and will not carry out any operations that cause us to expose him or any staff or their families to undue risk. Also please note that when our gates are closed, CCTV and ANPR is in operation.


We have hosted the Tarvin Allotment Group, which was part of Tarvin Environment Group (TEG), since 2009. When TEG disbanded, some of the allotment holders left the site and over time more stopped coming and new holders started. There are 2 stalwarts who have been with us since the beginning and around them we launched Tarvin Allotments 2.0 on 1st September 2020. The inaugural meeting was on 1st Sep 2020 and the first 5 plots have been allocated, there are another 12 to become available. This is not a full council style set up, rather it is a more laid back affair with allotment holders taking an initial 5 year lease. The terms of provision are Temporary - there is no statuate requirment for us to provide allotments, Direct let - individual allotment holders lease directly from the land owner, Self managed - allotment holders manage the communal bits and their own plots. Whether allotment holders form an association between themselves is entirely up to them. There are some advantages such as being able to hold a communal pot of money but there are also disadvantages such as dealing with that pot of money in the event of expulsion.

Each plot is 10m x 10m and is situated in fertile, fairly easy digging areas that we can't use for anything else. We provide parking, a maintained route to the plots, a communal shed or two and water catchment giving in excess of 4000 litres available. No livestock may be kept and no top fruit trees may be grown. The 10m x 10m plot is the cutlivation area. Outside that space, individual sheds with extra water catchment and composters may be situated. There is a compost toilet available. The lease season is 1st October through to 30th September and the annual cost is £10.00. All you need to do is dig and grow with a passion.

If you'd like to come and have a look and perhaps join the group please email us by clicking here.

Christmas Trees.

Adventure parties.

Bushcraft instruction.


Craft cider.

Damson gin.


Foliage for Christmas wreaths.

Forest school.

Hazel harvest.

Holiday clubs.

Nearly wild family camps.

Nearly wild school residentials.

Outdoor education.

Scouting and Guiding.


Willow for weaving.

Woodland Workout.

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Phone 01829 830325 (Office closed until further notice.)

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